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Authentication Endpoints

The Willow API provides authentication endpoints you will use to get an access token using the appropriate OAuth 2.0 Grant flow for your application. The following section provides details for how to get an access token.

Base URLs

The following base URLs should be used depending on the environment you are seeking to authenticate with:


Development Sandbox (Coming Soon)

Developers will soon be able to leverage a Willow platform sandbox environment to authenticate and make API calls to test their integration.

Get an Access Token

POST /oauth2/token


Used to acquire a new access token. This endpoint represents the token endpoint described in OAuth 2.0 RFC - Section 3.2. The parameters described below are placed in the body of the request.

Body Parameters

    "clientId": "YOUR_CLIENT_ID",
    "clientSecret": "YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET"
Requesting a Developer Account
Please contact us at to request a developer account and obtain your "clientId" and "clientSecret".
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