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At Willow, we are transforming the built world with the ground-breaking WillowTwin platform that collects, organizes, and analyzes data. We believe in putting our customer first. We provide our amazing customers secure access to their data, and give our vast partners the tools to expand value for our customers.

As a developer, you can expand the incredible capabilities of the Willow platform by building context-aware apps that leverage the Willow API to push and pull data to other software platforms. Whether you are building a publicly available Willow Marketplace App or a custom integration for your own team's private usage, it is easy to get started.

Build Your World!

Willow API

The Willow API provides secure access to the powerful data processed and stored within the Willow platform. Retrieve information, sync your data, setup pipelines, and perform actions using Willow's REST API. The Willow API endpoints are simple to use opening up the rich datasets to endless possibilities.

Willow Marketplace

The Willow Marketplace allows our technology partners to publish their apps for easy installation by all of Willow's customers. These Marketplace Apps allow Willow customers to easily integrate with their existing solutions, technologies, and workflows. Whether these are hosted in the cloud or installed on site, Willow Marketplace Apps enable secure connectivity to the Willow platform.

Developer Paths

The two primary developer paths that interact with the Willow API are Willow Marketplace Partners and Willow Custom Integrations.

Willow Marketplace Partners

Willow Marketplace Partners leverage the Willow API to provide Willow users with a best-in-class experience, irrespective of what problem they are seeking to solve. In addition to making their Partner Integrations available on the Willow Marketplace for the benefit of Willow customers and users, Willow technology partners benefit from exclusive access to the following resources:

  • Brand presence on the Willow Marketplace
  • Exposure to Willow's customers
  • Use of the Willow and Works with Willow logos
  • Developer training and support
  • Development sandbox (coming soon)
  • Opportunity to contribute to the Willow Blog
  • Invitation to exhibit at Willow’s customer roundtable events

Willow Custom Integrations

Willow Custom Integrations are apps built by Willow customers that are privately available to interact with their own WillowTwin platform. Willow customers rely on a number of other technologies to run their enterprises, portfolios, and individual sites. For example, a large real estate operator may use an in-house developed tool for their property management. In this scenario, the real estate operator could build a Custom Integration between their legacy system and their WillowTwin using the Willow API, thereby improving efficiency, optimizing their workflow, and reducing risk. As a general rule, applications and integrations created by Willow customers are intended for their own internal use and are not normally published to the Willow Marketplace.

Choosing a Developer Path

The two developer paths described in the previous sections have a slightly different process to a successful launch of an application and integration. Willow Custom Integrations allow customers to manage their own integration development milestones and releases. Since their Custom Integrations are only used internally, they have complete control over quality, performance, and reliability requirements. Customer Integrations also manage the internal training needs for their users.

Conversely, Willow Marketplace Partners take a different development path as their applications are intended for use by the Willow user community at-large, and therefore must adhere to more stringent standards when it comes to quality, performance, and security. Since Willow Marketplace Partners publish their applications to the Willow Marketplace, they must submit their applications to Willow for approval. In addition, Willow Marketplace Partners must provide adequate training materials and offer technical support services for their applications.

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