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Willow Digital Twin

The Willow Digital Twin resources are the backbone of the WillowTwin. These resources contain both the rich data and metadata to enable powerful applications.

Digital Twin


The Location resources are unique per customer portfolio. A Site is the root node such that all other Location, Asset, and Point resources are unique per Site.


Sites are used to refer to buildings, venues, campuses, and other asset classes and geolocations. Because sites are a well understood physical locations, they are flexible in the exact type of structure or area in which they define.

API Endpoints: Sites


Floors, also known as Levels, are attached to Sites that are buildings or built structures. A Floor is a well understood physical horizontal landing that can be below grade, above grade, or a roof. A Floor can only be associated with a single parent Site.

API Endpoints: Floors


Rooms, also known as Spaces, are physical entities attached to Floors. A Room can be flexible in its use such that it defines an enclosed area such as a conference room or mechanical room or an open area such as an open office or workstation. When defining Rooms more granularly, this provides greater precision when navigating the Willow Digital Twin such as finding the geolocation of an Asset. Rooms generally follow the definition within the architectural design.

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Zones are a logical collection of Rooms or a logical area at a Site. They are flexible in their use as they can refer to HVAC Supply Air Zones, Lighting Zones, Tenant Suites. Zones are unique per Site and are not restricted to be a collection of Rooms within a given Floor. When referring to a logical area at a Site, they may define a parking area or mustering location.

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The Asset resources are unique per customer site. These resources include Equipment and Devices which are furhter explained in the following sections.


Equipment refer to assets that are producing and/or receiving live data. Examples of Equipment include an air handling unit, domestic water pump, electrical meter, occupancy sensor. These can also be IoT devices such as indoor air quality sensors and space utilization cameras. Each Equipment includes a reference to a location (Room) as well as a parent Equipment. The parent Equipment allows the Willow Digital Twin to understand system relationsihps such as an air handling unit being a parent to feed air to a collection of fan powered boxes.

The equipment also includes tags which follow the Project Haystack open source initiative. These tags allow semantic modeling of the equipment which is important for applications to understand different equipment types.

API Endpoints: Equipment


Devices, also known as Controllers, are assets reponsible for the field bus I/O of various protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, and OPC. Each Device is responsible for managing the communications with equipment, sensors, and actuators. Devices also typically include control logic. Devices may be integral to a piece of Equpiment such as a fan-powered box controller or peripherally mounted and responsible for supervisory control such as a chiller plant network controller.

The Willow Digital Twin gives identity to each Device which allows it to communicate with the Points that the Device is managing. Points are only associated to a single Device. For end users of Willow's products, the existance of Devices is generally hidden such that Points generating live data can be considered properties of the Equipment.

API Endpoints: Devices


Points are entities that are generating or receiving live data. Points can be hard points such as physical sensors or actuators or soft points that are setpoints or virtual points.

Points also include tags which follow the Project Haystack open source initiative. These tags allow semantic modeling of the points which is important to normalize the underlying data for applications to understand different point types.

Each Point includes a reference to at least one Equipment and are configured in Willow to trend their live data at a designated interval.

API Endpoints: Points


Companies are configured as unique per customer portfolio in the WillowTwin. They are used throughout the Digital Twin as references for relationships such as asset manufacturers, building operations, and tenant leasing.

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