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Building Apps

We want our customers and users to be confident that any app they connect to their Willow platform will provide value while also ensuring reliability and security.

We've put together the following guidelines to help you build a successful app. Please take a few minutes to read before getting started.


Whether you are building an app for the Willow Marketplace or a Custom Integration, the same design and guidelines can be followed.

Get Familiar with the Willow DigitalTwin

The Willow platform is a system with many components that are working together to provide contextual, event-driven value for our customers. Before you get started, be sure to read through the API Resource Guide to understand Willow terminology and how different resources interact with one another.

It is important to use these resources with the conventions used in the Willow suite of products. This allows customers to gain value in both platforms and avoid confusion as they use both products. Upon reviewing these conventions, you may even have new ideas about how to improve your platform or suggestions for how our team can build upon ours. We are constantly upgrading the Willow DigitalTwin to make it more robust and flexible.

Create Value

Many of our customers start by building Customer Integration apps to optimize their workflows and reduce their risk of duplicate data becoming stale across their platforms. This provides immediate value for their enterprise, portfolio, and individual sites.

Likewise, it is important for our technology partners to ensure that their apps which will be added to the Willow Marketplace provide similar value for our customers. You should build your app so it works well and is reliable.

Prioritize Security

For most Willow customers, the concept of sharing data with a thrid party is scary. You should clearly identify which sources of data you will be accessing and what you will do with that data. A mapping of app features to scopes is often a helpful excercise in gaining approval for the Marketplace submission.

Submit to the Marketplace

Once you have completed building your app, you can submit it to be published on the Willow Marketplace. The following information is required:

  • App Name
  • Logo (minimum 200x200px, transparent background, .png format)
  • App Description (A paragraph description about what the integration with the Willow platform does and the use cases it achieves)
  • About Your Company
  • Website URL (Company website or app specific website)
  • Privacy Policy URL
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