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Tickets, also known as work orders, are used to describe both service requests and incidents that can be generated and tracked within the Willow platform. When a ticket is generated, a pre-defined workflow will determine how the problem is responded to and remedied. The Willow platform can automate the creation of tickets when an Insight is generated. Tickets that are generated outside the Willow platform can be created and updated using this endpoint.

API Endpoints: Tickets

Workflow Considerations

This endpoint is intended to allow flexibility for a bi-direction sync of tickets and their statuses. If an outside platform creates a ticket, it can be pushed into Willow with a for action to take place. Once the ticket has been addressed, that status update can be pushed back to the outside platform.

Likewise, if a ticket is orignated within Willow, it can be pushed into the outside platform for action to take place. Updates to the ticket in the outside platform can then be synced back into Willow.

Depending on the customer and site operational workflow, either of these scenarios may be appropriate.

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